Improve your English conversation & writing skills!

John Munson, a native speaker from Colorado offers assistance with improving your spoken and written English!

English Proofreading, Conversation Practice & Translation

Private Skype lessons

Let's talk on Skype about anything you like to help improve your English conversation skills!

Private or group English conversation lessons in your office, home, or a cafe in Salzburg, Austria

I can visit your office to lead group discussions on many interesting topics!

Business and Scientific Proofreading and Translation Services

I offer English proofreading of scientific and other types of research papers, PhD theses, and business English, as well as translations from German, French and Spanish to English! 

John Munson, your English conversation practice partner/proofreader/ German-English translator

 I  am a native speaker from Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. offering English proofreading, text editing, and German, French, Spanish to English translation services by E-mail. I also offer fun and interesting conversation practice and grammar tutoring in person or via Skype. That means whether you are in cities like Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Salzburg, Düsseldorf, Zurich, Geneva, Paris, Madrid or Moscow, we can  practice your English conversation skills via the wonder of online video telecommunication.  These lessons can be tailored to your individual needs. We can work on business/economic English, or just  discuss global issues, politics, art, sports, science, travel, music, environmental and human rights problems or anything you like!

I have taught English to all types and ages of people, including students, business people and world travelers, both privately, and at various language institutes and English camps in Austria. I have taught directly on-site at various firms in Vienna as well, including giving group conversation practice lessons to engineers, sales and marketing staff, customer service representatives and other administrative or manufacturing related employees.

I have worked as an editor and proofreader for environmental and geotechnical consulting firms in Florida and Colorado, as well as for professors from around the world. I have been giving editing and proofreading assistance to university students here in Austria and Germany with their Master's and PhD theses and to professors with their post-doctoral research papers on a wide range of subjects from 2002 until now. I have also helped many small firms in Germany, Switzerland and Austria to translate their websites from German into English. I am broadly educated in  English, Geology, Chemistry, Biology and Geography from various universities in the U.S.  

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